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Silvia - Teacher and Studio Manager

I first started practicing yoga in 1999. I was living in England when I came across a section in a health magazine, which was featuring a sequence of yoga postures with descriptions and instructions on how to do them. Years of competitive swimming and running had taken a toll mainly on my shoulders and knees, so doing these postures and moving my body in a very different way felt really good. I practiced by myself in a park and later incorporated yoga into my regular workout.

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Kasha - Teacher

I got in to yoga over 20 years ago as a fun way to move differently, as well as to help chill out my busy mind. 2017 and I'm still enjoying being in my mind & body so something is working!
I'm totally serious about how much I love yoga and hope you get to share this yoga joy too.  There are many approaches to yoga and plenty of different teachers in Hamilton, so lots of chance to find something for you. 

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Bethany - Teacher

Bethany's classes always present a challenge, a well-rounded practice and a delicious playlist. Her classes invite you to have a play with something new and wake up some energy in your body. Bethany’s classes are perfect to bring balance to someone with an active lifestyle.

Bethany loves to get out for a run, spend time with her friends, and to try new things! She laughs a lot!


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