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Our modern state of the art hot room has cedar wood walls, anti-bacterial carpet and uses Far Infrared Radiant (FIR) heat technology alongside a heat exchange ventilation system that circulates fresh air while maintaining appropriate heat and humidity levels.

Far Infrared Radiant (FIR) heating is a safe and therapeutic form of thermal energy which penetrates deep into the human body, gently elevating the body's surface temperature and activating major bodily functions.

When practicing yoga in our hot room, the heat will gently warm your muscles, increase your flexibility and allow you a deeper and safer stretch. The heat is also very effective in releasing toxins and detoxifying the body.

The studio has full shower facilities.

Meet The Team

Alisha Busted knees from running and tennis got me into my first Bikram Yoga class 4 years ago. I did not fall in love with the heat right away but it got me hooked somehow. Yoga has not only healed my knees so I’m able to run again but also changed my mind. Listen to your inner voice and you will be led the right way. Living in a world surrounded by noise; peer pressure, pressure to conform it is often hard to tune into that internal radio channel. Yoga helped me calm the mind and connect to that voice and I'm following that voice ever since. The journey has brought me back to you a year later and hope we have a great time ahead of us. Join me for pilates to strengthen yourself and yoga to lengthen out those muscles and find your perfect balance." Alisha1

Alisha is teaching Bikram Yoga and also will be teaching our newest class on schedule - Inferno Hot Pilates! She's looking forward to see you on your mat!

Afrika I first found Bikram yoga during a diificult time in my life. I had always been very active, a competive runner through out school & into my teens, then a competive body builder. In my mid thirties I was diagnoised with Rhematoid Arthritis and my husband and I had begun the very emotional infertility roller coaster!

Practicing Bikram, enabled me to move more freely, think clearly and really grow to accept myself , my imperfections and my uniqueness! As a self confessed “Perfectionist” this was key to my “Yoga Journey”.

Today I practice yoga to connect with the deepest part of myself! I practice yoga to be present, honest, concious, strong, humble and vulnerable. I do it to push beyond what my mind is telling me and to become a better version of myself.

From the time I first stepped into the Hot Room I felt the need to share my experience, the improvements I saw in my health and wellbeing, and that of others. I wanted to help friends and family, I wanted to be a part their healing process, to help them learn discipline, concentration and self love, to witness the joys of others and to be a part of their yoga journey.

Spring of 2015 I was very fortunate to travel to Thailand to learn more about this amazing yoga and the man who created it, and to fufill the dream of becoming a teacher.

Being a Bikram teacher has enabled me teach in Singapore, Phillipines and NZ. Teaching the Bikram original practice of 26 postures and 2 breathing excercises is incredibly inspiring yet humbling, it is a constant learning process, and I feel a great honor to be a part of a students healing.

There is not a day go by where I don’t feel blessed to share the “Yoga Journey” with like minded people!

Bethany Bethany's classes always present a challenge, a well-rounded practice and a delicious playlist. Her classes invite you to have a play with something new and wake up some energy in your body. Bethany’s classes are perfect to bring balance to someone with an active lifestyle.

Bethany loves to get out for a run, spend time with her friends, and to try new things! She laughs a lot!

Kasha I got in to yoga over 20 years ago as a fun way to move differently, as well as to help chill out my busy mind. 2017 and I'm still enjoying being in my mind & body so something is working! I'm totally serious about how much I love yoga and hope you get to share this yoga joy too. There are many approaches to yoga and plenty of different teachers in Hamilton, so lots of chance to find something for you.

I have been teaching for 10 years and studied mostly with Ashram Yoga (roots in traditional yoga, Saraswati lineage). Kasha teaches Flow and Yin: in her class you feel exhausted and lifted at the same time.

Class Descriptions

Lift The original hot yoga! A static sequence of 26 core postures and 2 breathing exercises, designed to systematically stretch, tone and realign every aspect of your being; bringing body, mind and soul into alignment. Be prepared to sweat and be challenged!

*90 minutes duration

**Room heated to 38 degrees with 40% humidity

Hot Flow
Our Flow classes are dynamic with a strong focus on synchronising breath with movement. Using well-balanced creative sequencing, classes are designed to challenge and inspire you both mentally and physically. Walk away feeling energised, balanced and light!

*75 minutes duration

**Room heated to 32 degrees

PoseYin yoga is a nourishing and meditative form of yoga which works deep into the connective tissues, fascia and joints. This practice involves long holds in restorative poses to unlock deeply held tension and helps balance our busy “yang” lifestyles by cultivating patience, stillness and deep relaxation.

*60/90 minutes duration

**Room not heated

Inferno Hot Pilates
Inferno Hot Pilates is a fun, challenging, full body, low impact, high intensity workout using Pilates principles. Performed in a heated room with energetic music Inferno Hot Pilates is an amazing workout using HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that strengthens muscles, boosts your metabolism and burns fat – all without the pounding of a high impact workout. Increase strength, build long lean muscles, create a stronger core, get fit and feel amazing! It is the perfect complement to your hot yoga.

It is designed for men and women of all fitness levels.

**Room heated to 35 degrees

If you are still unsure which is the best class for you, pop in or email us at the studio to chat with one of our friendly staff!

For more information on what to expect and how to prepare for a class please check our Frequently Asked Questions section


I started practicing yoga to compliment my running and ju-jitsu. Since then I've noticed my injury's heal rapidly, my sleep patterns have improved, stress levels are down and I'm a lot more flexible. There are so many benefits that come from practicing yoga.

Lyn Alves
I thought I would put the digits to work and just say a huge Thank You to the staff/teachers at Hot House Yoga. Having been involved in sport most of my life, I certainly carry some injuries and have been advised to have a full knee replacement………

I started going to Bikram Yoga 3 years ago and over the course of this time, I have noticed how improved my knee feels after a class, the heat warming up my muscles and then enabling me to stretch and perform the yoga moves with more ease than if I was doing it in a cold environment. I love the discipline of Bikram Yoga, the focus, and feeling when a class is completed, 90 mins of heat and concentration, but most importantly, a release from pain in my knee. Surgery is on hold.

There is also a new reason that I love to go to the Hot House Yoga classes and practice, and that is on the emotional side. I have a very unwell husband, and I find the classes/practice helps me to forget about what is going on in my life outside the four walls of the room……..it gives me a chance to refocus on what is important in life and embrace every moment.

I am coming up to 66 years of age, and plan on including Hot House Yoga Bikram classes as part of my lifetime exercise program. I don’t get to the classes as often as I would like, (living out of town) but every class is a bonus.

Lizamey Augustin
It has been a wonderful experience to be part of this studio's community. I am able to revive my yoga journey and continue to learn more about myself. The yoga instructors here are very encouraging and I will always remember this saying " Say some kind words to yourself" by Leslie. Hot yoga is very therapeutic and I highly recommend it for those that have back aches. I work in the office all day and am sitting most of the time. Hot yoga has helped maintain my equilibrium physically and mentally. Yoga is a lifelong journey and I hope to continue this with Silvia and her amazing team as it has changed my lifestyle. Thank you for being awesome!

Leon Rodrigues
It has been an empowering journey towards a strong mind and body and it all began at Hot Yoga House. As the weeks go by when practising hot yoga in the studio, I've experienced many immediate improvements from mental clarity to physical capabilities. This helped me be confident in pursuing other goals in life.
With much love and gratitude I am very grateful for the yoga journey I had have with the team at Hot Yoga House.

Nikki Reece
My yoga journey began in October 2013. A family member recommended hot yoga to me. I was unusually intrigued & started the next day. Wow what a struggle I had that first day in the torture chamber. I was dizzy, hot and bothered, unco-ordinated, inflexible and frustrated enough to curse under my breath with each impossible asana. At the same time I was fully impressed & inspired by the yogis in the room who had a serious, focused, strong & graceful practice. The group energy was powerfully uplifting & I knew I wanted to emulate the people around me. If they could do this, I could learn to do it too. I have been hooked ever since & have loved the challenges these past 4 years of regular practice.

Yoga is a high priority for me because it gives me a vehicle for self improvement, personal development & allows me to manage my life & emotions with a sense of calmness and harmony. I've learnt to transfer skills from the hotroom to other areas of my life and have finally got self control with food. As a result I have lost 14 kilos this year and feel great, strong and focused. Hamilton's Hot Yoga House attracts many strong diverse fierce awesome yogis. I have made many friendships that I value. I continue to be inspired weekly by those around me and am grateful to be a part of this fantastic supportive community. Thank you HYH. I will always continue my practice because of the opportunity it provides for me to become the best version of myself. I am not getting any younger and am nearly 50 but I am excited because my practice gives me optimum wellness, strength, energy and harmony.

If your new to yoga come and try it as you may love it and it could change your life. It has the best thing that has happened for me. My practice is a godsend and I am truly happy about that.
Namaste & arohanui

Meg Wilshier
I am 57 years old. I've been practicing bikram yoga for four years. My husband Nigel had read positive things about bikram and joined us both for 10 sessions. I didn't know what had hit me during the first class, I was shocked by the heat and the dialogue seemed rigid. I'd never experienced anything like it.

At first the practice was hard for me - at times overwhelming. I remember the instructor listing the many health benefits of the various postures. I was very sceptical and decided I would stick to the practice for a month to prove to myself that her claims were gross exaggerations.

It didn't take long for several health benefits to became apparent. My skin improved almost immediately, I slept much better and a persistent nagging lower back pain dissappeared pretty quickly. I learned not to think ahead but to really remain mentally present and focus on what I was doing. The health benefits have continued. Old injuries, aches and pains become acute and then subsided all together. Bikram is correcting my posture and in the process healing historic injuries.

One important Bikram instruction is to 'build a solid foundation' for any given pose. You are encouraged not to advance in a posture before getting the basic foundation right. I didn't understand the importance of this and I injured myself fairly early in my practice. I learned the hard way to take my time and developed my practice slowly but surely.

One unexpected benefit was to my arm. In 2008 I discovered that I had breast cancer. 22 lymph nodes were removed from under my left arm. With so many lymph nodes gone lymphodema and swelling was a regular occurance. I had to wear a pressure sleeve and could so easily over tax and damage my arm. Often Nigel had to give me lymphatic drainage massages to reduce swelling. I'd been assured that lymphodema could be managed but would always be a concern. For the first two years, I wore my pressure sleeve in every bikram class. Over time, the swelling decreased and then stopped. Thedistinctive lymphodema symptoms and feelings dissappeared. These days I no longer need to wear the pressure sleeve unless I am flying or really exerting myself. I'm still aware of the need to be careful with my arm but find I have a great deal of strength and flexibility that I didn't previously have. This is such a huge positive for me as I am left handed.

My initial goal of disproving the health benefits of bikram did not happen. Instead we have become committed to a regular practice. Yes, this practice requires committment and effort - but the rewards are huge. The effort is so well worth it.


First Time Students
"In our classes, we’re all beginners - it’s never too late, never too bad, you’re never too old, never too sick to start from scratch once again."

Do I need to make a booking?
It's a good idea to book your class in advance, helps you to organise your time, however it isn't mandatory. The studio is open 30 minutes before and after class. For your first class, come 20 minutes early and we will get you started. All levels and abilities are welcome, no experience necessary.

Do I need to bring my own towels and mat?
You need to bring two large bath towels (one for class and one for after), a yoga mat and a bottle of water. We have mats and towels for hire at the studio and water for purchase.

What clothes should I wear?
Wear light-fitting, comfortable clothing. Remember, for hot yoga classes the room is HOT!

What should I eat and drink beforehand?
Avoid eating 2-3 hours before class – ideally yoga is practiced on an empty stomach. If you do need to eat something choose food that is light and easily digestible (a piece of fruit or a slice of toast). You’ll soon figure out what works for you and what your body needs. Hydrate well - drink plenty of water throughout the day before coming to a hot yoga class.

What if I’m pregnant or have health issues?
Please let the teacher know if you are pregnant or you have any injuries or health concerns.

We have 6 allocated parking lots at the rear of the building, parking on the street in Hamilton central is free for the first two hours. Please allow for time to park in the afternoons/evenings as traffic can be heavy.

Anything else?
Come with an open mind and an open heart. Be ready to laugh a little, maybe even cry a little, and to sweat a lot!

Please note that our main doors are closed for security once class started, please be on time ;-)